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Moles (Talpa europaea)


Moles can be a big nusiance for many people.


Mole hills can be unsightly in a manicured lawn or golf course.


Moles getting into a paddock could be a harzard to any horses grazing. Their tunnels are only a few inches underground so it creates unseen trenches in the ground that a horse could stumble on.


Getting rid of moles takes the right equipment, the right expertise and can be labour intensive.

That is where I come in, I have very efficient traps that do the job perfectly and I don't mind getting my hands dirty to get any grassland mole free.


It will take a minimum of two visit to solve the problem.


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Beautiful lawn ruined

Spoiling a lovely game

Caught in scissor trap

Caught in putang trap


Perpestual Pest Control


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